ADD-F16 runway deicing
19 decembrie, 2019 de
ADD-F16 runway deicing
Terrabit, Terrabit

ADD F16 solid granular, non-corrosive deicing/anti-icing product.

It is a high performance product for airports winter operations : our formulation can be used anti-icing and de-icing applications on runways, taxiways, parking areas, walkways, bridges, tunnels.

ADD F-16 is a sodium formate based product and a safer alternative to sodium chloride or calcium chloride. Common salt or other chloride containing de-icers are not recommended to use for runway due to their corrosive properties which can attack aluminium, magnesium alloys, steel and even stainless steel.

ADD F-16 sodium formate is more performant and the product is effective down to -18°C.


Available in 20kg bags, on pallet of 800kg (40 bags of 20kg), bigbags and bulk.

  • Working fast and at very low temperature (-18oC)

  • Fast acting formulation

  • Long lasting action (up to 72 hours)

  • If necessary, can be used with liquid deicers (compatibility with any liquid deicer).

  • Can be used by any spreading equipment existing on any airport fleet;

  • Very economic: very low compsumption on sqm – 20 grams/sqm;

  • Eco friendly – won’t damage vegetation;

  • No messy residue;

  • Biodegrability up to 90%;

  • Unflammable;

  • Purity – up to >97%;

  • No damages for surfaces (concrete or tarmac) and for any metal structure;

  • Produced in accordance with FAA regulations by using ADD F16 on commercial and military airports and fully certified AMS 1431C.